Ever since I remember myself, I was trying to stitch together different rags and trivial beads… The stitches were immature, however, the will and enthusiasm were great! As great as the disappointment because I could not grab some crayons and draw a single line… Many years later, the stitches became meticulous, the rags changed to luxurious fabrics and the beads were transformed into crystals and semi-precious stones. The enthusiasm stayed the same or grew even bigger because, now, I could finally draw!

The acquaintance to felt had been totally unexpected. A rainy morning, as I was passing by the Camden market, some colourful beads drew my attention. Their touch was completely new for me, their colours so magical! Since that moment, I knew I could draw everything I’ve dreamt of with my own unconventional way, by mixing wool and silk fibres and creating unique shapes and colour effects. I started, then, creating my own world through felt and stitches!